How To Use The Mobile App

Here is our comprehensive guide on how to use basic functions on the Mobile App. For more advanced features (i.e. vaccination information submission, test results, reservations, etc.) please see the corresponding Features folder.



There are three basic steps to setup the Mobile App to complete the screening process:

  • Download
  • Link
  • Screen


More features may be enabled by your organization, and thus more information may be requested, such as Vaccination information or Test Results.




  1. Download the Mobile App Here

  2. Link Your Existing Account

Once the app is downloaded to your device, you will be asked to link your account. You can link using either a cell phone number or email, depending on which is associated with your account. If you experience issues getting your account linked, confirm the information you are using with your organization.


Generally, there are three types of users that are going to use the mobile app: Employees, Contractors, and Students/Parents.


Employees & Contractors


Parents of Students

Use your mobile number or the email associated with the Clear to Go! account

Use your school email, which should be on your school's CTG account

Use the mobile number or email associated with the account; this is going to be the parent account, not the student account


If you are unsure what phone number or email is listed on your account, please reach out to your organization directly.


Parents: When your students' account is added by the school, you will receive an email asking you to set up screening preferences. Once those are set up, you or your student will be able to link the account to your device.


Then, you will receive a code via either SMS or email, depending on what you entered to link. Enter this code back into the app and you will be able to complete the linking process. If you are still unable to link after entering a code, please reach out to your organization directly, to ensure your account information is active and correct.


Note: You can connect multiple users and accounts to one device by going to your in-app settings, selecting  "Add Account," and repeating this process.


Lastly, you will be prompted to set notification permissions and location services for our app. We recommend that you have the location set to always and to allow notifications.



Location Services

In order to receive reminder notifications, Notifications must be fully enabled.

    • Some organizations are using geofencing to log arrival and departure times of users, and some aren't. Ask your organization if you will need to fully enable location services.
    • If they ask you to enable it, please select "Allow" and then "Allow Always"
    • If they are not using geofencing, you can select either "Deny" or "Only when using the app"


More on Location settings for your phone:

To change your Location services at any time, you can go to your in-app settings, and clicking "View Details" under "Location Information" to go to your phone's settings.




Screening Process


Once you're in, you're ready! Your organization will likely send out regular notifications to complete the screening process. When the notifications are sent, you'll see a Push notification from us.


To Screen on Your App:

  • Open the app
  • Head to "Badges/Screening"
  • Select "Screen"
  • Answer the screening questionnaire
  • Review and confirm your answers
  • Select "Submit"


Note: If you've made an error in your screening answers, select "Revise" and you are able to re-answer your questionnaire.


If you've passed your questionnaire, you should see a green badge, indicating that you have passed. This badge can be shown to personnel upon your arrival if verification is needed.

On the badge, you will see a QR code. This can be used to scan in/out if your organization is using this feature. You will also see a lightbulb in the top left corner; if you tap this, therefore uncrossing the lightbulb icon, your screen will brighten and can be used if your scanner is having issues registering your badge.




If you failed the screening, the system would show further instructions and open a failed screening case that can be tracked via CTG APP.



Compliance: If you pass your screening but your badge still does not appear green, you can see if you are out of compliance by going to your badge and tapping the "?" icon in the top right corner.




Submitting Test Results and Vaccinations

Test Results

Here is our guide on submitting test results, where you'll find comprehensive instructions for submitting from your device.



Here is our guide on submitting vaccinations, where you can see step by step instructions for submitting from your device.


Please Note: Like Test Results, submitting your vaccination information does not guarantee an immediate change in badge status. Your organization may need to approve your submission before your badge turns green.



If you'd like to see the status of your submission(s), you can see this via the home page of the app, and by selecting "Submission Status."





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