Parent/Student Screening Consent Preferences (For Schools)


When a student is added to your organization with parental/guardian information included, said parent(s)/guardian(s) will receive an email from informing them that their student will be required to screen on a regular basis. Parental consent must be obtained, whether the student or parent/guardian is screening. They will be provided a link to set their screening preferences.



Following that link will take them to their students' Parent Preference Forms. The parent/guardian can view the questions asked, and select whether the student will complete the screening process or if a parent/guardian will complete it for them.




If they choose to screen on behalf of the student(s), and there are multiple parents/guardians listed for them, they will also be able to select who gets notified to screen.


The parent/guardian then sets these preferences by clicking "Save Changes." They can then download the app and link the app using the appropriate email address associated with the students' account. If they choose not to download the app, they can expect to get email notifications on a regular basis to screen for their student(s).


Please Note: If a student or adult is not listed, but expected, they will be advised to contact the school directly.




Verifying Parental/Guardian Consent


The parent/guardian preference can be viewed from the Students page under the "Account" tab. (Go to Workforce > Students > find the student > Edit)



Notice: Frankie's parents have no emails listed, so notifications should be sent to Frankie's email listed. Zelda's parent has not responded to their email, so no notifications will be sent. However, Ricky and Glenda have their preferences set, and their notifications will be sent to the appropriate users.


To see the specific preferences, go into the student account, you can see who is screening and parent(s)/guardian(s) listed. If someone is having issues getting their link to set their preferences, you can do two things:

  • From within the student account, click on "View NAME" on the left hand side, and send the adult the link to that page directly. They will not be able to see more than the preferences page, and will not be able to get into the student account.
  • You can also click "Options" on a student, and select "Resend Student Onboarding." This will resend the welcome email to the parent/guardian email(s) listed.




Resending Multiple Parent Invitations


If you need to resend multiple parental preferences forms, you can click "Resend Parent Invitations" at the bottom of the page to send a message to all parents who have not responded.






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