Parents and Guardians: Parental/Guardian Consent and Student Screening

Welcome to you and your student(s) to Clear to Go!


When your students' account is created by the school with the parent/guardian information included, you will receive an email from, informing your that your student(s) will be required to screen on a regular bases. You will be provided a link to set your screening preferences.



Note: If you have multiple students, you should see all your students associated with your email listed when setting preferences.




Following the provided link will take you to the Parent Preference Forms. You can view the questions asked to your student.




You must choose to allow either the student to complete the screening process or to complete it on their behalf.


If you choose to screen on behalf of the student, and there are multiple parents/guardians listed, you can also choose which  will be notified of the screening.


Please Note: If a student or adult is missing from the list shown, please reach out to the school directly.


Please make sure to click "Save Changes" to ensure your choice is entered into the system.



After these preferences are saved, you and/or your student(s) have two options to complete the screening:

  1. Download our mobile app (links here) and link the account using the appropriate email address associated with the account. Click here for our guide on how to use our mobile ap.
  2. Receive an email to complete the screening process. This is the default method, and no further action is required to receive email notifications


If your students' account is created without the parent/guardian information, the student(s) will receive an email notification from informing them that they are being asked to screen.


Students who are screening on their own behalf have the same options, and will need to enter their student email when linking their account to their app. Alternatively, emails will automatically be sent to their student account.





If you have questions, contact