Set Up Guide for Restaurants

Before setting up your employees, you'll need to ensure that an account is active for your restaurant.



Employee Setup:

  1. Navigate to Workforce > Employees
  2. Click "Add Employee"
  3. Fill in the necessary information
    1. Minimum fields that must be met:
      1. First and Last Name
      2. Email address and/or cell phone number
      3. Be sure the role field is set to Basic (meaning that they'll only have access to the screenings, not the website)
      4. Assign location(s)
      5. Click "Create Employee"
    2. Repeat steps for employees
  4. Create a "Host" employee account
    1. This account will be used by any staff member responsible for greeting patrons as they arrive, and will ensure patrons have completed the screening. We recommend you look over the Roles page, to determine which permissions are relevant to the Host role.
      1. Click "Add Employee"
      2. Set the email to a common work email
      3. Set the role field to Host
      4. Click "Create Employee"
    2. An email will be sent to this address with an invitation to create a password
    3. Click "Accept Invitation" in the email
    4. Create a password for the Host account




Daily Reminder Set Up


Go to Your Name > Settings > Screening Schedules > Add Schedule.

Select the days and time you'd like your users to get the notifications to screen.





Employee Screening Experience


At the days and time set up for your employees, your employees will receive a daily reminder to complete the screening. They will come as one of three options


The employee can answer the screening questions, and will have the opportunity to review their answers before submitting. For more on how to set up new questionnaires, see our Screening Questions guide.







Managing Employees


As employees complete their screenings, their results can be viewed via the Roll Call, Employee info, and Dashboard pages.


What happens when someone fails their screening?



Managing Patrons


  1. Go to Your Name > Settings > Visitor Types
    1. Edit/Create the visitor settings to best fit your needs
  2. Go to On-Site > Visitor Management > Print a Sign, at the bottom of the page.
  3. Select your visitor type and location
  4. Print a sing using the recommended settings
  5. Post the sign in an appropriate location
  6. Repeat steps 2-6 for any visitor types and/or locations


For more information on visitors, see our Visitor Set-Up guide.





Checking In/Out and Waitlisting


Using the Host account mentioned above, log into


Then, go to Manage Visitors, and determine which of the two workflows accommodates your needs best:


Automatic Check-In


    • Set "Auto Check-In" to enabled
    • Once the visitor has completed the screening, they will automatically be checked in
    • To ensure the visitor will be automatically checked out after a set duration, see the Auto Check-Out feature within the visitor settings
    • Set "Auto Check-In" to disabled
    • Once their table is ready, you can Check In the user manually via the Manage Visitors page, and call their name to notify them to come to the host station
    • Click Check Out to log the departure time
      • Alternatively, you can enable the Auto Check-Out feature to set how long after check in you'd like your users to be checked out



Patron Screening Experience


Your customers will see your printed sign and can use their smart phone to scan the QR code. The QR code will take them to the visitor information form, and then to the screening questionnaire. They will answer the questions and then click "Submit."




Note: If you need a different questionnaire for your users vs visitors, you can create a new questionnaire to reflect this via Your Name > Settings > Screening Questions.


What if someone doesn't have a smartphone?


From the Create a Sign page, you can click the link provided near the top of page. From there, you can fill out the form and questionnaire on their behalf, or have them do it on a tablet or computer with your Host/-ess. More information on unexpected visitors here.






Activity Log

  • Go to Your Name > Locations > Options > Activity Log. This report shows all logged activity for your establishment.
  • More on Activity Log


Unscreened Report

  • Go to Your Name > Locations > Options > Unscreened Report. This shows all employees that have not screened on a given date
  • More on Unscreened Report


Screenings Report

  • Go to Case Management > Screenings. This will show a log of all screenings completed for your organization.


All of the above reports can be exported by clicking the CSV option at the lower right hand corner of the page.





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